MAC Cooperativa Sociale is a cooperative that carries out multi-services contracts in the field of logistics and transport, maintenance, conservation of green spaces, unarmed guardianship, cleaning, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, etc. What distinguishes our work is the constant attention to the professionalizing training of our staff, together with other welfare services, which contribute to the well-being of the worker and to maintaining the quality of the work performed. 

MAC's particular vocation is to be dedicated to socially fragile subjects. These are all those people who have been expelled from the social fabric for different reasons (former prisoners, over 50s unemployed professionals, women who attempt entering again the labor market after long maternity breaks, marginalized subjects of various kinds) or who have never integrated into it (immingrants looking for employement). MAC offers them job opportunities, privileged tool for social inclusion. Of course, all MAC employees are regularly hired according to the terms of the different sectors' national collective labor agreements, with regular remuneration and contribution. They also possess all the professional and legal requirements, and are constantly supported by training courses aimed at improving their professionalism and productivity. 

To support its employees, improve their well-being, and stabilize a trustful relationship, MAC takes charge, whenever necessary, not just of the ancillary services (transport, equipment, etc.), but also of different personal services that help the worker to enjoy grater well-being and quality of life. For example, MAC offers social housing services, mutual services, legal, tax, patronage and trade union assistance services, etc. In order to provide a wider range of support services to companies, for the handling of all problems related to unqualified personnel, MAC has also promoted the establishent of the "Rete d'impresa NDB Opera Italia" (NDB Opera Italia companies network), of which the interim company Mister Job is also a member, thanks to which personnel search and selection and staff leasing services can also be provided. 

As a matter of fact, MAC is the exclusive reference partner in Italy of the humanitarian program NDB Opera (, an international recruitment and professional training platform, established in 2021 on the initiative of Nereides De Bourbon Group (Paris, Place Vendome 10), in application of the United Nations Global Compact guidelines. This platform, in addition to a rigorous examination of the candidates regarding the performance of the various job duties, conducts a constant monitoring of its operators' transparency and ethical quality, both in the countries of origin and in the countries of destination. 

Due to the fact that the cooperative promotes social inclusion paths, as well as of restorative justice, and that it is qualified by international ethical standards, having a relationship with Mac Cooperativa Sociale can represent an added value for companies that entrust us with the performance of services. In fact, the contracting company can report this special working relationship in its Social Report, creating a more solid, authoritative, and credible reputation around its brand over time. Our consultants are able to accompany the company in the preparation of its Sustainability Report, and to crystallize its ESG compliance (environmental, social and governance), increasingly used also to qualify the bank rating of the company.  MAC therefore proposes itself as a true partner for the development of companies in any sector. We are available for a meeting, in person or electronically, for presenting our business.

       Alessandro Angeletti

President of Mac Cooperativa Sociale